The Check Pillow

I have a background in Technical and Commercial Textile Science so I have a passion for different materials. Sustainability is important to RE.STUDIOS because we have to create a better future for ourselves and the next generations. Everything from RE.STUDIOS is reworked because I give a cool new life to exciting textiles.

"Love this piece! Great quality & customer service. Can't wait to see more so I can add it to my collection!

LA Marty

"Creative design, very very good quality! I'm in love with The Check Pillow!"

Nina-Louisa Dober

I fell in love at first sight when seeing the neon pink nike swoosh pillow!! And had to get my hands on them!! So I messaged stephanie if she wanted to do a personal colorway for our new home! She was so nice and flexible and even helped think of colorways that fit our interior . She also kept me in the loop of the whole process which is also very cool and made it very personal. At last i got two tye-die swooshies in caramel en smoke AND I LOVEEEE THEM, even more then i had in mind , thank you steph, aka 🤍